Friday, January 28

2011: Week 4

Jan 22
The girls did a photo shoot.  Behind the camera and in front of the camera

Jan 23
This is always my conundrum.  Do I choose the artsy pretty photo's, or the one's that represent what we spent our time doing that day. 

Jan 24
It was virtues day at school today.  Youngest didn't know she would be getting a certificate for always trying her hardest.  We were very happy for her.

Jan 25
We spent a few days during Eldest's exam break with The Agronomist while he attended a conference.  We had a wonderful little holiday. Well most of the time we did : )

Jan 26
West Edmonton Mall.  We were on a mission... a mission with lots of coffee breaks.

Jan 27
A wonderful supper at The Agronomist's sisters.  We enjoyed visiting with aunts, uncles and cousins.  The food was delicious too. Youngest, Middlest and their little cousin kept busy creating large treasure maps.

Jan 28
The last day, we enjoyed the indoor amusement park.  We had a great time.


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Angel said...

You are beautiful! Love your photos!