Friday, January 21

2011: Week 3

Jan 15
"Mom, we are boooorrrred, what can we do?"   It was after supper and against all of my inner voices, telling me it as too late etc.  I said, "who wants to paint?"  We had a great evening.  The girls were totally engrossed in their creations. I have to remember a messy endeavor is often the most enjoyable.

Jan 16
We went for brunch, and the kids decided to play outside.  We have had so much snow in the past week.  More than we've seen in several years.  I blogged about the strange snow escapades here.

Jan 17
This picture was chosen simply for posterity's sake.  There has been a record snowfall in our city in a one day period.  And what is even more amazing is that The Agronomist is keeping up with the snow removal.  I love him for it.

Jan 18
Rec league soccer. Due to her asthma, Middlest plays goalie.  And she does a good job of it too. She's been playing for five years and the girls have a lot of fun.

Jan 19
Eldest took this picture.  She was trying out my new lens.  This is a look youngest gives us quite often. She just looks at you, as though she is not impressed.  But she doesn't even know she's doing it. I can't wait to find out who she will become.

Jan 20
Eldest has been figuring out my new lens.  And yes the tree is still up.  In fact I am considering starting a new custom and leave it up all year. So there.

Jan 21
A really nice evening spent unbeknownst to me and the other guests, with a friend who turned 40 that evening.  Sneaky huh? These tulips were on her kitchen island.

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Just Bits and Pieces said...

Lovely shots......what is the new lens you bought????

Yuliya said...

Oh my that tulip is GORGEOUS! Did you enter in Pioneer Woman's Flower contest?

Christie said...

WOW! That tulip is fabulous! What is your new lense?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. That is a lot of snow. Looks like a great week. I love the flower photo.

Susan said...

I know I keep telling you this, but your girls are GORGEOUS!!

So, what news lens did you get??

I can't get over that snow. Amazing...

Jemsmom said...

Beautiful!!! I shot for the first time in RAW the other day. I have to say that I don't think I liked it!!! Everyone who does it loves it, but I am not on that bandwagon yet! Your daughters are gorgeous and perfect models. I love the the one of the child backlit. Do you love your Canon 7D? I am about to upgrade and am looking at it! I would love your thoughts!