Friday, February 18

2011: Week 7

Feb 12
It must be orange season.  Because they are tasting "oh so sweet" these days.

Feb 13
Art club continues.  The girls loved painting these daffodils. 

Feb 14
Youngest wanted something special to wear for Valentine's Day.  A little journey to Claire's and this headband fit the bill perfectly.

Feb 15
These cookie turned out really well.  I blogged about them here!

Feb 16
A special bracelet Youngest received for Christmas is a favourite of hers.

Feb 17
After much practice Youngest was able to blow a really big bubble.  The persistence was blogged about here.

Feb 18
I love February simply because of the ruby red grapefruit that arrives at our grocery stores.  It is one of my favourites!


Rachel said...

wowww the daffodils are so beautiful! She is doing such an amazing job! Do you teach for art club?

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I'm loving looking over your photographs today. Your daughters painting is so beautiful.