Friday, February 11

2011: Week 6

Feb 5
An evening of lullabies.  Youngest loves to sing.  She is part of a girls choir and loves everything about it except having to wear tights.  This mama understands my sweet ; )

Feb 6
I wanted to see how the light in the bedroom would work for photos.  It was cooler than I thought, but I am thrilled with the pictures we got of these two.  It's hard to take serious pictures when flopping on the bed is waaay more fun.

Feb 7
I played with some still life's also in the bedroom.  Isn't this a fun jewelery stand?  And a picture of one of my favourite necklaces, even with the teeth marks around the edge from Youngest.

 Feb 8
We tried a few Valentine Crafts to decorate with.  The hearts are made from five separate paper hearts.  We only made two and left it at that.

Feb 9
For some reason I decided to start baking these around 10:30 p.m..  They were worth it though.

Feb 10
Eldest tried her hand at a Valentine still life photo.  With the antiqued photo edit I think it turned out perfectly.

Feb 11
With Dad away for a few nights, we enjoyed a little outing to Costco where we ate supper and did a little browsing.


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