Thursday, January 7

No.7: Inukshuk

There is always that day when I realize my house is being over run with puff ball art.  Sometimes though the artistry the teachers pull from my children amaze me. Our city has a wonderful Art Gallery which provides teachers with a travelling art instructor, who facilitates a half day project with the class.

A few years ago, because of this program, my youngest came home with her watercolor Inukshuk.  Inukshuks are a familiar art form for my children as they regularly study the Inuit culture. The traditional meaning of inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path." The girls, when left with rocks or stones will inevitably start building this likeness of a human. Unfortunately I cannot keep all of their artwork and it was time for the plasticine version to go.

I struggle with pack rat tendencies, and always find my kid's artwork particularly hard to throw out.  After reading an article eleven years ago about a mom who took pictures of her fridge before throwing out what covered it,  I now document my children's work with my camera.  It just doesn't matter how many puff ball pictures I may have, for me, each one is a work of art.

If you wish to learn more about inukshuk's click HERE.

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