Wednesday, January 6

No.6: Laugh

She is my youngest.  She is seven.  She seldom lets me take a picture of her without complaining.  I noticed how beautiful the light was and tried to catch her without her noticing. Just before this shot, she caught me, and tried to turn away from the camera...that is, until her sister made her laugh.

I am so glad she allowed me to share it with you.


waldenhouse said...

beautiful photography! thanks for popping in to read my experience meeting, ree. and, yes, it was the wisdom oozing from the very large poors on my face that put 20 years on me. :)

Audrey said...

What a gift you have in photography! I especially like this photo of your daughter, how you've captured her in this moment of joy. The lighting is perfect. I look forward to checking out your photos and writing. What a great idea to do this photo-a-day project.

I learned about your blog from a friend, Howard, who met your husband while attending a seminar in Canada. I live in southeastern Minnesota, where I work as a freelance writer. I also have a blog, Minnesota Prairie Roots. Here's the link: Check it out.

Thanks for sharing your God-given talents with others!