Saturday, January 14

2012: Jan 8 - 14

Jan 8
Doing the dishes with my new rubber gloves.
They were one of several great Christmas gifts from my Youngest sister.

Jan 9
While I hate to change allegiances, this might have to become my new favourite hand cream.

Jan 10
I tried my hand at some product photography.
It was late at night with only fourescent lighting, but it still ended up looking pretty.

Jan 11
Recycling has become a whole lot easier now that a truck comes to pick it up and we don't have to sort.
Can you tell she is very happy about this?

Jan 12
We have had so little snow this winter.  Although it is scheduled to come in a few days.
This the first time the girls had to shovel.  
It was such a nice warm and sunny day, it was nice to be outside.

Jan 13
I'm not sure when someone did this.
I loved that the figurines are all set in a circle around baby Jesus.
On the 6th when the three kings arrived, they did so by zip lining from 
the window sill using the roman blind cord, with help from Middlest.

Jan 14
This was a nice evening.
Dad took Middlest and Eldest to the mall to pick up a birthday gift and
Youngest and I got to spend some time together enjoying a few shows of H2O,
eating popcorn and have a few rounds of Ruckus.
Youngest won every single set.  It was a good night.