Saturday, January 7

2012: Jan 1 - 7

blowing glitter
Jan 1
The girls wanted to try a glitter picture, but we didn't have any glitter.
So instead we used craft sparkles.  The pictures didn't turn out the way I had hoped.
But a little cropping sure does makes a difference.

Jan 2
Her hair is Ombre.  
I don't care if they dye their hair, since it's not permanent.
The permanent stuff?  That I care about.

Jan 3
Chopping away.  Youngest is growing up.  
She started eating cream cheese just out of the blue.  
Decided to try that thing she hated and wouldn't you know it?  Is now a cream cheese lover.

Jan 4
The basement is being used.  I'll find the girls crafting on the table or studying.
It's working out far better than I ever imagined.

Jan 5
Watching the Russia Sweden Junior Hockey overtime.  Dad wasn't even home.  
With a little colouring for good measure.  
The girls kept calling me to come down because it was so exciting.

Jan 6
The dying of her hair was a success.
She's head over heals in love with the outcome.

Jan 7
Middlest took this picture.
I thought it was really cool.
She was standing on the counter, trying to get a picture of me washing the dishes, 
(because I had asked her to for a post for later this week)
and this is what she ended up with.
I love happy accidents like that.


BF said...

Your first picture of the glitter is f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c!! The colors, the macro, love it!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Dana,

Wonderful pictures of your daughters. The oldest has gorgeous hair and I love the glitter photo! Wishing you a wonderful day.

Gillian said...

Whoa, that glitter pic is fab! Love your blog, especially the header, such a great shot!

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