Friday, December 30

2011: Dec 12-18

The girls finished their masterpiece!
Dec 12

Youngest and her friend took a few more days, 
and ended up using these "skirts" as tops with straps,
along with matching purses.
Dec 13

 I went with The Agronomist to the city for his companies Christmas Party.
This was the night before where we enjoyed a wonderful meal.
Dec 14

This picture was sent to Eldest as I had the day to shop by myself.
I needed help making a few decisions.
Dec 15

Back at home, we started preparing for Christmas.  I love our new decorations.
Dec 16

Middlest's bedroom is almost finished painting.
Dec 17

The most delicious chocolate cookie recipe we have ever tasted.
Youngest went to a friends house to bake and brought back some of her creations.
Dec 18