Saturday, August 27

2011: Week 40

Aug 21 
Youngest wanted to make popsicles.  We decided on a blueberry smoothie recipe. They were deelish.

Aug 22
Our first summer list.  We didn't accomplish everything, but we had fun trying.

Aug 23 
Lighting has been completed for awhile. Love our little spotlights.

Aug 24 
Basement Renos continue:  Tony has been mudding this week.

Aug 25
Ex-Static on the Trampoline... a fun night with new friends.

Aug 26
Youngest was home alone with me all week.  She spent time working on this craft.

Aug 27
What is better than jumping on a trampoline with water balloons and a friend?


Debbie said...

AWESOME pictures!!!

Lorri said...

Man! I sure wish you were my neighbor and could give me tips on taking pictures! I love it, but I have a long way to go! I just ordered the T3i by Canon. I can't wait to get it!