Tuesday, October 19

No.292: Soft Flash

I tried a few shots near the window at dusk.  There wasn't a lot of light so I used my attached flash with a coffee filter placed over top.  It worked like a charm.  Would you guess this was a shot that used flash? Or does it look like natural light?  I should probably mention that on my Canon Rebel DSLR there is a way to turn down the intensity of the flash.  I have it on the lowest setting possible.


brookie said...

I needed this! I can't find that balance of how to still get the image in less than ideal light. The coffee filter took off that sharp edge that flashes give. Great picture.

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Holy moly! I just read about that on another blog! That is so amazing!!!!! Yay! I may have some lovely indoor photos this winter! Beautiful shot! I think I said that on the collage, but if I didn't.....BEAUTIFUL!

Lisha said...

Great photo, absolutely delicious. I love the other shots that got you to this perfect one too!

I'm glad I'm not the only one to do weird things to dull the brightness of a flash. I hold a white piece of paper over my flash or use a lamp with the white paper taped over it to bring in the light.