Tuesday, July 13

No.194: High Heels

We went to Value Village today, where my Middlest daughter found these heels.  
They are too big for her and she is too young for them.  She bought them with her own money.  
By the time they fit, perhaps then... she will be allowed to wear them.

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Karli said...

Ooohh, great blog! I love it. I see you're doing the project 365. I'm just getting ready to start that... I know I won't be able to do it everyday, but I'm just going to kind of mix them in on my blog here and there. More artsy type pictures, an outlet for me to be creative. Can't wait! Yours are fantastic. I see you have titles for each picture - good idea. I wasn't sure whether I would that or not (might strain the ole' brain), but it's a great idea.

You're totally right about the white paper. Good eye! :-) I set a piece of white paper out on my deck and put the pencils in the drinking glass. I actually took a picture of the "pullaway" shot (where people could see how I did it). Should have posted it! :-)

I have the 24-70 f/2.8L lens that I used for that shot, but my next purchase is definitely going to be the macro lens. Can't wait! Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog! :-)