Wednesday, January 20

No.20: Flowers

My ten year old daughter and I had 45 minutes to pick up some groceries while the youngest was at an afterschool activity and the eldest was at Basketball practice.   As we were choosing apples she saw that I had the camera in my purse and said, "Mom take some pictures".  So I did, very discreetly.  I wasn't even looking through the view finder but instead took these pictures "from the hip" so to speak.  I'm glad I did.  These are the only flowers we will be seeing for at least five more months.

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Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog today. Your comments were so sweet! I absolutely LOVE your photography. I just got a new fancy camera and I hope to one day take pics like this. Beautiful! Be sure to stop by tomorrow or Sat to enter my very 1st giveaway on my 100th post!